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International tax law

Are you an internationally active company with branches in Austria? Then you have come to the right place! We have years of experience and comprehensive expertise in international tax law and tax consulting for internationally active groups.  

In today’s business world, boundaries are virtually non-existent. Using inexpensive supply sources from abroad, tapping into new sales markets and enjoying the success of an innovative product on the global market have all become the standard nowadays, even for many smaller companies. On an increasingly frequent basis, companies have to deal with the tax regulations of a neighbouring country – and sometimes even more besides.

At Casapicola & Gross, we have the necessary tax know-how for your international business. We gladly answer your questions on sales tax for cross-border business, and provide you with support for application of the relevant double tax agreement.

Dividends paid abroad; the fiscal consequences of royalty payments; withholding tax at home and abroad; handling the foreign posting of employees – the list of tax queries and problems is long. And it is growing longer every day.

We are happy to support your foreign activities. As members of AITC, our international tax consultant network, we have the right partner for you close at hand in your destination countries.

Contact us by e-mail, or contact form! Dr. Manfred Gross and his team for international tax consulting are happy to help you!

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