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New Cancellation Bonus (Ausfallsbonus neu) in combination with Fixed Cost Subsidy 800.000 (Fixkostenzuschuss 800.000)

Dear clients, The Austrian government's Covid support tools are one component richer. The Cancellation Bonus can be requested since February 16th, 2021. [...]

New Investment Premium must be applied no later than February 28, 2021

Dear clients, Last year the Austrian Federal Government has implemented the “Investment Premium” in order to help Austrian entrepreneurs to do investments in their companies. In the following we inform you about the key facts of this new Investment Premium. Please consider that the Investment Premium must be applied no later than February 28th, 2021. [...]

Tax News Summer 2020

Dear clients, We have summarized the following changes in the Austrian taxation legislation for you. Please contact us if you need any more details. [...]


Dear clients, The COVID-19 investment premium is intended to create an incentive for corporate investments in Austria. The law was passed on July 7th, 2020 in the Austrian National Council. [...]

Coronavirus - our office, accessibility and Austrian tax and social security measures

Dear clients, In the current exceptional situation, we would like to inform you that our office located in Gluckgasse 3, 1010 Vienna will continue to operate but in a very reduced way. We have canceled all personal meetings. Nevertheless we are fully accessible by phone or mail for our clients, most of our employees work from their home offices. [...]

Automatic debit transfer system for Income tax prepayments since July 2019

Dear clients, Since July 2019 it is possible to pay the Income Tax prepayments by means of the “SEPA Lastschriftmandat” (= direct debit authorization). [...]

Tax Reform Act 2020 and Tax Modification Act 2020

Dear clients, On September 19th, the Tax Reform Act 2020, the Tax Modification Act 2020 and the Financial Organizational Reform Act (FORG) has been passed by the Austrian parliament. Here are some important highlights of the new regulations. Most changes will be effective from January 1st, 2020. [...]

Input VAT Refund Abroad

Dear clients, Austrian entrepreneurs who are entitled to deduct input VAT can also have their input VAT refunded outside Austria. [...]

“Family Bonus Plus” from 1.1.2019

Dear clients, The tax rules for families with children will be changed as of January 2019. The new benefit is called "Family Bonus Plus" (“Familienbonus plus”). [...]

Tax free allowance 2018 – pay less Income Tax

Dear clients, The year 2018 will come to its end soon and we wanted to remind you of the Austrian “Tax Free Allowance”. As a counterpart to the favoured taxation of the 13th and 14th monthly salary for employees, there is the "Tax Free Allowance" for entrepreneurs. You can save up to Euro 22.680 in tax payment [...]

Tax Returns 2017

Dear clients, The first half of the year has quickly passed and at the beginning of the summer holidays we would like to remind you of the tax returns 2017. General deadlines for tax returns 2017 The annual tax returns (income, VAT and corporation tax as well as the declarations for partnerships) must be filed [...]

General Data Protection Regulation – Casapicola & Gross acts as Controller and our Data Protection Declaration

Dear clients, concerning the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) and the input on our business relation we send you the following information. Our company is fully compliant with the GPDR. Controller Our Chamber of Accountants and Auditors in Austria (Kammer der Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer) has legally classified our entire activity and position towards clients as [...]

Austrian premium for research and development has been increased to 14% as of January 1, 2018

Dear clients, In Austria, companies that carry out research and development are financially supported by the state. They may claim a research premium for certain research and development expenses. This research premium is valid regardless of the legal form of the company. Amount and calculation of the research premium For the year 2017 the research [...]

New double taxation agreement between Austria and Israel to come

Dear Clients, In November 2016, a new double tax treaty (DBA) was negotiated between Austria and Israel. This DBA relates to taxes on income and property tax and will replace the old agreement dating back to 1970. The old DBA of 1970 has made cross-border investments difficult, dividends and interest rates were disproportionately taxed in [...]

The permanent establishment in international tax law

The significance of a permanent establishment in international tax law Corporate profits are taxed in full in the state in which the company’s registered office is located. This basic principle also applies in cases where the company has international operations. However, there are a few exceptions to this principle, specifically where the company has a [...]

Profit distributions to EU parent companies (EU dividends)

Dear Clients, Profit distributions from an Austrian subsidiary to its parent company are – under certain conditions – tax free. This means that the profit can be paid to the parent company in the EU without further tax deduction in Austria (capital gains tax = CGT). This CGT exemption for EU dividends in the sense [...]

Austrian Transfer Pricing Documentation Law 2016

Dear Clients, On 1 August 2016 the Transfer Pricing Documentation Law was published in Austria. It applies to fiscal years starting on or after 1 January 2016. This law requires multinational companies, depending on their size, to prepare certain documents and files and to send them to the tax office. Documentation obligation Multinational companies [...]

Checklist Payroll – audit highlights of the tax inspectors

Dear clients, Austrian tax inspectors and auditors from the Austrian social security authority are making a payroll audit in regular intervals. They are scrutinizing if the wage tax, social security and the payroll related taxes have been done properly. The audit period includes normally the (last) five years. What are the highlights the tax inspectors [...]

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