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Intelligent bookkeeping and consulting

We are happy to handle your bookkeeping and draw your attention in good time to complex interrelationships that emerge from seemingly trivial everyday business. Special reporting of bookkeeping data requested by you will be provided punctually.

Case examples from bookkeeping that could concern you

You checked the VAT number of your customer in accordance with the regulations as soon as you made a delivery to another EU country, but did you also print out and file the validity confirmation for your business partner’s VAT number? This process is required for correct fulfilment of the formal requirements specified for a tax-free intra-Community delivery.

You purchase goods from a supplier in Germany, and you arrange for these goods to be delivered directly to your customer in Italy. You are bound to know that this is called a “triangular transaction”. However, the delivery is only tax-neutral from a sales tax perspective if it is actually named as a triangular transaction on the invoice. If this reference is not included on the invoice, then you may be liable for the subsequent payment of sales tax, which would become a cost factor for your company.

You are suffering from a staff shortage and are happy that a personnel leasing company from another country is able to send temporary staff quickly and unbureaucratically. You need to be careful, however, because if the personnel leasing company is unable to produce a notification of exemption from the tax office in Bruck/Eisenstadt, you are obliged to retain 20% of the invoiced amount and pay it to your tax office. As the invoice recipient, you are liable for the payment of this sum!

European bookkeeping regulations

Nowadays, bookkeeping is more than just entering numbers on a PC using a standardised format. The European Union is facing the problem of having to formulate its tax rules in such a way that enables, as far as possible, all the issues and specifications to be recorded and fulfilled in the individual member states. The regulations are accordingly complex and comprehensive, and we can help you by providing pragmatic solutions.

Please contact Dr. Manfred Gross and his team if you have any other questions on bookkeeping.

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